Shipping Container Arrives in Honduras

The container was loaded in Tomball, Texas by Concordia Lutheran High School students and other volunteers from the community and was unloaded in Honduras by the boys' home in Honduras!  A partial list of what was shipped:

Nearly 100 lockers donated by CLHS, Spanish books, 1 new desktop cpu, 2 used TV's, 40 new folding chairs, 2 folding tables, lumber to fix the swing, three couch covers, 2 metal trash cans, 10 plastic containers, 3 cpu's for parts, one wooden desk, one small foos ball table, 30+ pillows, 25 pillow covers, 2 rice cookers, cloths, 10 pair of new shoes, many towels, many sheets, toiletries, soccer balls, electronic dart board...extra parts, ping pong balls, and a new lawn mower!