Could Giving Up a Cup of Coffee Save a Child's Future?

Imagine you are an eight year old living in a third world country.  You have two paths possible for your life’s journey.  One path contains little or no education, enslaving you to a life of poverty.  The other path provides for a quality education, freeing you for a life of opportunities that will support both you and your family.  Now imagine you can be the one who decides which path this child takes for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee.


Many of you have thought about sponsoring a foreign child or perhaps you have already 

done so.  You may have wondered if there is a nonprofit organization that gives 100% of your donation directly to the designated project.  Heart4Children was set up for that purpose, and there are over 75 children in a small village near La Ceiba, Honduras, that are in need of sponsors.  These children have the unique opportunity to attend a Christian school right in their village, if they could afford to go.  Even though the tuition is extremely low, their parents cannot provide this chance for them.


Ninos de la Luz Christian School opened in this area two years ago with the goal of teaching children the love of God and His Word and providing them a superior education.  Public education in Honduras is severely lacking academically, and the schools are often closed due to strikes or political unrest.  Last year, schools were open only half of the "required" days!  


An opportunity for a good education is an opportunity for a better life.  It takes only $35.00 per month to support a child's education.  If you are interested, we can send you a picture of your child, and you can follow of his or her progress.  You can even visit your child if you would like to join us on our trips there!  The school is located on the grounds of Ninos de la Luz boys’ home, which was founded and is operated by Bill and Mary Kwiatkowski.  More about them, the boys’ home, and the school can be found on the website 

Please prayerfully consider this opportunity and pass this along to others that you think might be interested.