Each day here in Honduras brings a new adventure for the team to grab by the horns. Today was no exception. 


The most challenging, and least challenging thing in many ways is the language barrier. Although it makes communication difficult at times, it also allows the human spirit to speak.  It allows for smiles, joy, laughter and those knowing looks to speak in many ways that words simply cannot. You see, to be here and build very real connections with amazing people -- one doesn’t need words. For our words are insufficient in many ways as it is. To speak “human” you simply need a sense of humor, an open heart and kind eyes. The rest will come.


For those conversations that are had on a larger basis, well, we are immensely grateful for the translators. Miming and pronouncing words with a Spanish accent only gets one so far. Today, those conversations spoke about not giving up on the sometimes-difficult race of life and taking care of our bodies through exercise.  We learned and taught that we must prepare our bodies, minds and spirits for the future. We must exercise these facilities so that they are available to us when we need them.  Our opportunity is now, and we must endure.


While the group taught this lesson, we learned it as well. Tonight, unlike any other thus far, the group got together for a late night jog. We called on each other for mental and spiritual support, and we shared in the joy and pain of the human condition. This day, was yet another wonderful, painful, beautiful, hard and humbling day in Honduras.


-Bianca Manago