Stepping Out

Four years ago this week I stepped out of my comfort zone and out on faith into the unknown. Not only was I leaving the Country for the first time, but I was heading into a third world Country on my first mission trip to Honduras. Saying I was scared is an understatement. Our days would always start at a little project known as “Ninos de la Luz” (Children of the Light) in La Ceiba. Home to 23 boys who would otherwise have no place to go. The Project is run by a married couple, Bill & Mary, who truly have a heart and desire for this Project. Ninos de la Luz changed my life and I fell in love with that place! I have been back four times. Three times with groups and most recently in June when one of my closest friends (Lashelle) and I went down on our own to have some one on one time with the boys and the Directors. We spent most of our time loving on the boys, letting them hang all over us and spoiling them as much as possible since we’re both professional Aunts and that’s what professional Aunts do. All the Padrino’s (Godparents) chipped in and bought the boys a WII and we had the sheer pleasure of surprising them with it. We also had the pleasure of putting it together so I hope it still works. Nonetheless, they HAD A BLAST playing with it. We spoiled them with five dozen Dunkin’ Donuts one morning and Pizza Hut on our last night, compliments of one of the boys Padrinos. The trip was way too short, but we absolutely LOVED and CHERISHED every single second of it. As much as we love them, they have impacted our lives more than we could ever impact theirs. For me, this trip was more about seeing the reality of La Ceiba and the Project that you don’t necessarily see on a group trip. As a result, I left more of my heart there than ever before. God changed my life when I stepped off that plane four years ago and He continues to every time I go. He calls us to love, but I didn’t know I was capable of loving this deep. I’m honored to serve a God who meets us where we are and remains the same through the joy of being there and the pain of coming home.

-Kim Beaty