Dear Family and Friends, 

We hope you are doing well this Easter season as you do life in this often chaotic world.  We are so grateful that as Christians, we have an incredibly merciful God to hold on to as we struggle to stay focused on our ultimate purpose, to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  What do people do who don’t know the hope of Jesus?  Admittedly, we have struggled this month with all the Boys Home vehicles that have broken down (including our own), the cistern that broke (twice), the bats, the rats, the “yes” that really means “I have no intention of following through,” as well as the violence in the world and our own back yard.  Sad that most of the tourists and mission teams have stopped coming due to fear for their safety.  We could go on but are sure you have your own set of muddy footprints that you’re dealing with.  We slide into negativity too quickly and, as we move through Holy week, are prompted to ask forgiveness for whining when reflecting on the suffering our Lord and Savior endured.  Forgive us. 

Holy week in La Ceiba is party time more than anything else.  People come from all over the country to enjoy all the city has to offer.  We try to balance the play time with devotional time at the Boys Home.  They are always eager for outings to the beach, river or Hot Springs, and for having fun at home just painting or playing card games.

We received a new boy (13 years old) a couple weeks ago and expect to get another (7 years old) next week.  We are happy (and sad for their need) to be filling up the home again.  Many of the new boys who come to us have missed much school, yet are usually intelligent and eager to learn.  So, through teacher training, we are offering them accelerated programs where they can complete two years in one.  It’s exciting to see the joy of learning in their faces. 

It was Father’s Day here last week and the school put on a great show for them, with songs, dramas and dances.  Check out our facebook at “Ken Morey” to see what each father received. 

Cultural Moment:  This month we want to tell you about the ingenious way the local people enjoy frozen drinks here to combat the heat.  They pour juice of any kind into a small baggie, tie a knot in it, freeze it and sell it.  Then the buyer bites off a small corner of the bag to suck on it as it melts.  They call them “Topogigios” or “topos” for short.  It’s fun to see people sucking on the frozen bags! 

Please let us know how we can pray for you this month, as we ask you to pray for us…

1.    That the violence in this city would subside and the gangs would experience the love of Jesus in their search for meaning.

2.    We need $2000 to apply for residency here.  (We cannot do many things without residency and are required to leave the country every 3 to 4 months to renew our visas.  This is expensive because you cannot just visit an adjacent country.)  We also have a short fall of about $1500 in monthly support as some donors have not been able to give as expected.

3.    That we would hear the Lord clearly as we research the possibility of adding a Kindergarten to our school.  We’ve met with a woman in our community who has had a Kinder for 25 years, yet receives no money or support from the government.  We are exploring how we might partner with her.

4.    Please pray for Eduardo (the young man who lives with us) as he is struggling to find consistent work as a new lawyer.  He is starting to get discouraged.  Also, he tells us that many lawyers are extorted as they rise to the top having to pay off the gangs every month to keep working!  We pray he can avoid this as his practice grows.

We have included a link here to a 4-minute video the ministry just completed filming here last month.  It will give you a taste of the life here.  Let us know if you would like us to come and speak to your small group or church about the work here.   Please go to the website ( to see some of the other videos and some boys’ life stories.  I think you will be touched by the impact this ministry has had on their lives. 

We love you all and thank you for your partnership on this journey.

Ken and Cathy Morey

Vonage phone: 352-444-7131 - a direct link for electronic donations. – the website for more info.

Heart4Children, P.O. Box 47, Tomball, Texas 77377 to mail donations.