September 4, 2015

Over the last few weeks, the LORD has laid much on our hearts.  The Apostle Paul often speaks of the necessity of dying to ourselves every day.  We are to walk by the Spirit and not the flesh as we learn in Romans chapter 8 and Galatians chapter 5.  Dying to our selfish desires and striving to live according to the Spirit of Christ is an important key to living the Christian life.  Intellectually we (Ken & Cathy) understand this but we couldn’t succeed if it was left up to us alone.  Thank God, His Spirit enables us.  Every day we seek safety, comfort, predictability and control but the Spirit reminds us it’s NOT about us!  We have received an invitation to return as Servant Leaders to Honduras, a country and people we have loved since our first visit in 2003.  We submit to the call with trepidation yet delightful anticipation to see what our loving God will do.

Honduras is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  Niños de la Luz (now known as Heart4Children of the Light), the orphanage we have been asked to serve, was founded in 1997 when Bill Kwiatkowski gathered a few boys off the streets of La Ceiba, sat under a tree and told them about the hope only Jesus Christ can give.  He and his wife Mary saw to the purchase of land and the building of a beautiful campus for the boys.  It now includes housing for up to 40 boys ages 5 to 25 (if they continue in college or vocational school), a kitchen/dining/meeting hall, workshop, chapel, and elementary school that also serves the local community of Armenia Bonita.  When we served with Mission to the World, we met Bill and Mary while doing community development in the neighborhood.  We also brought work and medical teams to serve the “Project” and community during those years.  Obviously, we’ve kept in touch.

In our recent letters we relayed that Bill died unexpectedly on June 8th.  That has left his widow Mary and the Board of Directors (Heart4Children) to handle everything.  She loves the boys as her own but is struggling to direct the ministry.  Even before Bill’s death, the board approached us about going there to assist with the administration and spiritual mentorship of the boys.  With Bill gone, some of the boys fear for their future.  Some may get sucked into the gangs that now “rule” the neighborhood, if not for the security of their home at the orphanage.  We feel called to help protect them.

You can learn more about the Project and Heart4Children at  Heart4children has called us and will be the financial administrators of our support.

We do not have the financial resources to move to Honduras and serve on our own though we believe the Project is worth it.  Since God owns everything, we are seeking confirmation that this call is from Him through the prayers and support of others.  We are willing to pray, go and serve if others are called to pray, finance and send.

1.     Our most important need is your prayers.  We wouldn’t consider going without the prayers of God’s people.  We need to hear God’s voice above all others.  Pray for Mary to have strength and comfort to be the “mom” the boys desperately need.  Pray for the board to provide wise guidance and vision for the future of the Project.  And pray for the boys comfort and hope after Bill’s passing.  We will keep you informed.  Please pray for us and this work.

2.     Time is of the essence.  Our presence is needed ASAP to strengthen the Honduran hands and hearts, to provide spiritual mentorship to the boys and the administrators of both the orphanage and the school, and to stabilize the ministry for future growth.  Because we lived there before, we have a good idea of what it will cost to move there and live.  We think $2,500 a month plus one-time expenses of $15,000 will suffice.

Your giving to Heart4Children is tax deductible and can be given through the website or by sending checks directly to:


PO Box 47

Tomball, TX 77377

Please note on your check that it is support for the Morey’s and whether your gift will be a one-time donation or a monthly pledge.  We will not go until we have pledged a minimum of one years’ support.

If you, your group or anyone else would like to hear more about this work and our calling, please let us know.  If you would like to be taken off our email list, for any reason, please let us know.  Also, inform us if you would prefer to correspond via the regular mail.  We know each of you have your own financial challenges and we don’t want to overburden anyone.  We need your prayers.  If anyone had told us even a year ago that we would be returning to serve in Honduras at this stage of our lives, we would have told them they were crazy!  Yet, here we go!!  God is good, all the time!

Don’t forget to let us know how we can pray for you.

Yours in Jesus,

Ken & Cathy